In Historic Move, CBSC 'Green Visionaries' Approve New Graywater Standard

In Historic Move, CBSC 'Green Visionaries' Approve New Graywater Standard

By Daniel Wilson on Jul 31, 2009 at 01:54 PM in Greywater

A collision of world views was in full evidence at the California Building Standards Commission hearing yesterday on HCDs proposed new graywater standards.

Highly qualified stakeholders spoke passionately for and against the adoption of the new standards as the hearing roller-coastered dramatically to it's conclusion.

The commissioners are to be congratulated for their leadership. It is always more work to set up a new system than to fit into an existing one.

It would be a lot easier to stand aside as legal buildings continue waste resources and pollute the environment. However, in the face of deeply entrenched, powerful opposition, the commission is rising to the challenge of revising

All of California's building codes to allow/ require better building systems...besides its emergency approval of the new graywater standards yesterday, the BSC is also revising California's Green Building Standards to include many new mandatory and voluntary measures to reduce negative impacts and increase positive impacts of California buildings.

Dawn of a new era: "On August 4th, 2009, California can legally install simple laundry and single fixture systems without a permit. For the first time, licensed professionals can legally help with the 1.7 million existing graywater systems in the state."

Art Ludwig, graywater researcher and educator. For more information visit:

In Historic Move, CBSC 'Green Visionaries' Approve New Graywater Standard

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