Wilson Environmental Contracting

Ponds & Streams

Your pond or stream will teem with life both above and below the water's surface. Fish will swim through tunnels and shelter under ledges...dragonflies will alight on emergent vegetation...lily flowers will float on the surface...very little maintenance and no mosquitos.

We can make a delightful water feature fit in any space from 2' x 2' all the way to 200' per side (or greater!). Your water feature will be custom designed and installed to allow you to maximize usable space in your yard, have a functioning aquatic ecosystem, and enjoy it both day and night!

Pond with Beach
Pond with beach addition.
Cascading Stream
Cascading stream.
Stepping Stones through Pond
Stones to step through and over your pond.
Stream and Pond System
Stream & pond system.
Zen Pond
Zen pond installation.
Stream Sitting Area
A pleasant stream sitting area.