Initial Site Consultation

Scheduling an Initial Site Consultation

The first step in a customized, excellent landscape design and installation is to schedule an Initial Site Consultation (ISC). The ISC takes approximately 1.5 hours.

During the ISC, we walk and talk, in order to evaluate your property’s opportunities and constraints, your lifestyle and family/cultural needs and desires. Further, we discuss general master planning in time and space, prioritization, and rough scheduling and budgeting. This added value service has a fixed fee of $175 (in town/SB; additional travel time fee for outside of SB).

We look forward to meeting with you (and your family), and viewing how the neighborhood around your property lives and moves - and more importantly you in it! We also will observe lighting, sounds, views and other aspects important for decision making. We can also discuss rough budgeting, planning and phasing/scheduling.

The ISC, an excellent value-added service, is the perfect place to start formalizing ideas. The ISC is appropriate for institutional-scale environments.

Schedule your ISC now!