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Daniel Wilson
Daniel Wilson
President and Founder

We seek to design and build with nature, for people

Our services enhance the client's interaction with nature by designing landscapes that benefit both the client and the surrounding ecosystems.

Our Philosophy

To honor quality craftsmanship, sustainability, and complete customer satisfaction.

Our Goals

To be recognized as the best qualified, full service professionals of the landscape industry:

  • Our concientious, experienced team can provide for your every request (inhouse, or successfully manage).

To design and build quality landscapes that:

  • Evoke in the client a sense of harmony and contentment.
  • Reintroduce nature into the urban context.
  • Enhance and improve both the form and function of associated natural elements.
  • Further WilsonEnv's reputation as reliable, thoughtful and committed to naturally-balanced beauty through time.

Our designs are rooted in the environmental sciences, and are derived from bioregionalism and sustainable ethics. Flora, fauna, and humankind will all flourish in these beautiful, functional ecoscapes!

Our Team

We are all about our team: we work together and co-create together

As a company, we promote and encourage continuing education, with both inhouse, subcontracted and external classes, seminars and mini-classes. We pride ourselves on being as current and well ahead of the curve on evolving technology, that can simplify and save. These all come together for our clients for a more cohesive, quality product.

We are always looking for quality employees that have integrity, honesty, dedication to quality and team, attention to detail and an enjoyable attitude. Is this you? Let us know: we want to hear from you!

Educational Outreach in Santa Barbara

Daniel Wilson, Principal, frequently speaks to classes and groups in formal settings, as well as facilitates field programs.

Current topics include:

  • Landscape Water Conservation,
  • Rainwater Systems,
  • Greywater (Graywater) Systems,
  • Irrigation Technologies, 
  • Climate-Appropriate Landscape Design, and
  • Native Plants in the Garden.

Let us know if you'd like to schedule a presentation or class.

Award Winning Design and Execution

We are very honored to be the recipient of 21 awards (and counting!), from our local organizations, including City of SB, Montecito Beautiful and Goleta Valley Beautiful, to regional organizations including Central Coast Magazine and the CA Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA) Central Coast Chapter, to the statewide CLCA trophy awards. It is an honor to work with you and co-create and we are very grateful for your recognition and referrals!


The following are just a few of our additional credentials and certifications:

  • ARCSA Rainwater Harvesting Master, American Rainwater Catchment Association 2013
  • Certified Water Manager, California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA) 2011-2014
  • Accredited Professional (AP), American Rainwater Catchment Association (ARCSA) 2011
  • Green Gardener Group (G3) Trainer, Surfrider Ocean Friendly Garden Program 2010
  • Porous Paving Technician, National Ready Mix Assocation (NRMA) 2006
  • Green Gardener, City of SB 2007, 2010, 2011, 2012

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Designing and Building with Nature for People
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