Wilson Environmental Contracting

Water Features Department

Live your dream by dipping your toes in a babbling brook. Enjoy the soothing sound of flowing water, while watching fish, floating flowers and visiting dragonflies. Not all water gardens are created equally, so start with success! Our water gardens are expertly designed to that water stays cooler, clearer and cleaner, all while plants, flowers and fish stay healthier and happier.

Pond & Waterfall
Pond & waterfall.

Water features are not just for daytime enjoyment--consider installing ultra-energy-efficient LED submersible lights to enjoy your water garden both day and night! No energy? off the grid? No problem! We design and install custom DC-direct solar powered pumping systems too.

Water Gardens
Water gardens.

Create a soothing hide-away in your own backyard! WilsonEnv designs and installs water gardens that are ecologically balanced, fish-safe and mosquito-proof. These include ponds, streams, waterfalls, and indoor or outdoor fountains.

Water Garden Pond Fish
Fish in balanced ecological pond.

We install energy saving lighting features are seamlessly incorporated into the systems for both day and evening enjoyment. 

Visit our ponds & streams, waterfalls, or fountains section for more of what WilsonEnv has to offer for you!