Wilson Environmental Contracting

Hardscape & Construction Department 

Setting Pavers in Mandala Pattern
Setting pavers in mandala pattern.
Boulder Positioning with Jig
Our workers finding exact position of boulder with jig.

WilsonEnv will integrate artful and practical hardscapes seamlessly into any landscape. We offer ecologically friendly options such as permeable pathways to reduce runoff, green walls to soften vertical elements with plants, or virtually any custom creation that fits the mind or budget.

Our Team

Flagstone Stairs
Thick flagstone stair treads.

WilsonEnv's hardscape crew has on average 14 years of experience for each teammember. We have a full size backhoe, excavator and different size skid steers (wheeled mini loaders) with different attachments-- allowing us to handle pretty much any project, no matter how large or small. We have also just added a narrow-access track loader machine to fit through tight spaces (including side yard gates). For projects with limited to no machine access, we creatively make it work, while taking care of our crew (we strive to maintain our zero-loss/accident-free work place environment)!

Stonework (Walls & Flatwork)

We efficiently, and skillfully, create and construct just about anything out of stone, sandstone, flagstone, tile or concrete. Our specialties certainly include stabilizing tricky slopes, or slope retention- gravity walls, dry laid sandstone or block. This can save much on engineering and drainage, as we integrate all this with our design and install. Stone walls are excellent for creating more usable space, stabilizing property, providing more planting area (terraces) for fruit trees or ground covers, and generally adding decades (if not centuries) of long lasting functional beauty to your landscape. We also enjoy the challenge of creating custom hardscape features, including built-in hot tubs, fire pits, and vegetable raised beds.

Water Features

Large Fountain
Commercial fountain renovation.
Pebble Fountain
Custom fountain with effect.

Fountains, ponds, swales? We enjoy the six dimensions of water features (x,y,z, no vectors, living plants and fish, sight and sound). Our water features range from simple to multi-tiered fountains, to fish ponds with fish tunnels and human stepping stones, to steep, cataract streams and waterfalls. In order to enjoy your water garden at night, consider installing ultra-efficient LED submersible lights. For more information, please visit our Water Features page.


Our carpentry department will custom build or build to spec. Our experience is specialized, albeit medium duty, including: gazebos, fences, veggie boxes, compost bins, tool closets, chicken runs and coops. We invite you to view photos of our work on our Carpentry page.

Compost Bin
We offer sustainable & compact compost bins.
Spacious Planter Beds
Raised spacious planter beds. Grow food at home (HomeFoodForest)!
Chicken Coop Deluxe
Chicken coop deluxe, custom installation.