Wilson Environmental Contracting


Splash Fountain Pebbles
Pebble fountain with effect.

Fountains provide sound, movement, energy freshening, noise masking enjoyment year round. They can be installed with timers or 3-way switches for optional control and energy savings. If properly designed and installed, fountains should be very low maintenance, and very high enjoyment!

Ceramic Fountain
Self contained in/outdoor fountain.

WilsonEnv designs and builds fountains, from small backyard zen gardens on up to commercial scale. These photos above showcase some of our work, including some of the behind the scenes infrastructure.

If a fully built-in fountain with switchable effect is not in your cards today, WilsonEnv also offers stand alone, simple, easy to maintain fountains, such as ceramic or custom built Balinese trickle fountains.

Contact us today to inquire about which style complements yours space.

Large Fountain
Commercial fountain renovation.