Wilson Environmental Contracting

Ecological Restoration

As a full-service, licensed, and insured company, WilsonEnv offers a full suite of environmental consulting services specializing in all phases of ecological restoration: from conception or impact to restoration and sign off. Our services include:

  • Site inventories and assessments
  • Impact determinations
  • Habitat restoration plan writing
  • Agency permitting and liaison
  • Restoration installations, monitoring and reporting

Inventories & Assessments

Native Plant Survey
Botanical surveys.
Cactus Wren Nest
Bio survey cactus wren nest.
Coastal Whiptail
Wildlife surveys.

 Restoration Installations

Steeelhead Restoration
Steelhead surveys and creek restoration.
Road Restoration
Rugged, remote habitat restoration.
Joshua Tree Relocation
Relocating Joshua trees.

Restoration Maintenance

Creek Restoration Erosion Control
Erosion control at creek culvert.
Erosion Control
Installing erosion control.
Native Plant Restoration
Plants and erosion control.

Native Plant Propagation

Onsite Temporary Plant Nursery
Acclimitizing the plants to the site.
Native Bunchgrass
Nasella pulchra restoration.
Plant Deer Cage
Protective deer cage around native plant.

Construction Monitoring

Old Pipes Removed
Contruction maintenance - old PVC and plumbing removal.
Construction monitoring & grading using heavy machinery.
Completed palm tree installation at Santa Barbara City College.