WELDesign Honored with Two CLCA State Trophy Awards

WELDesign Honored with Two CLCA State Trophy Awards

By Daniel Wilson on Dec 14, 2011 at 01:25 PM in Awards & Recognition

Presented November 18, 2011 at the CLCA Annual Convention, Maui, Hawaii

WELDesign received awards in the following categories:

The goals of theses awards are to:

  • Encourage interest in the art of landscaping

  • Bestow public recognition on companies, institutions, municipalities & residents for their efforts to make a more beautiful California

  • Recognize artists who produce outstanding landscapes

  • Create Pride in superior workmanship

WELDesign is honored to collaborate with the CLCA. We appreciate this recognition and are particularly honored to have received the Judges Choice Award for our Santa Barbara/Hope Ranch project which featured the following elements:

  • Intelligent Irrigation, with flow sensing, remote operation, intelligent controller/clock with real-time Evapotranspiration (ET) onsite weather station/sensor, and efficient drip irrigation;

  • Onsite, simple stormwater management, including both surface and subsurface infiltration (redirected gutters and storm drains to fruit trees);

  • Domestic water reutilization (greywater);

  • Home Food Forest consisting of plantings that double as privacy screening, including trees shrubs, vegetable boxes, chickens, onsite greenwaste recycling and composting;

  • Replacement of typical residential lawn/sod (M-II) with Buffalo Grass, including of retrofitting sprinklers with MP Rotators for tremendous water savings!



WELDesign Honored with Two CLCA State Trophy Awards

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