Bringing Nature and People Together

WilsonEnv: Bringing Nature and People Together

By Daniel Wilson on Aug 18, 2012 at 02:12 PM in Residential Landscaping, Greywater, Rainwater

Daniel Wilson doesn’t just want to make your backyard beautiful, he wants to turn it into a sustainable landscape. Wilson is the president and founder of Wilson Environmental Contracting, Inc. (WEC), making a name for himself as a landscape designer with the passion of an ecological advocate. To Wilson, every project is another chance to not just make the area beautiful, but improve its ecosystem.

Wilson received a masters degree in Environmental Science & Management at UC Santa Barbara and has more than 21 years of academic and professional experience working with natural landscapes. After receiving his degree, Wilson went on to be an environmental scientist and eventually formed WilsonEnv in 1999 to serve the residents directly.

Based in Santa Barbara, WilsonEnv has worked on landscape design projects in LA and Ventura counties. With Wilson’s environmentalist approach, WilsonEnv takes any project and turns it into a restoration project. Water conservation and ecological sustainability are among the things one gets for hiring WilsonEnv.

Water conservation is an important issue for Wilson and incorporates it into his projects. He stresses using captured rainwater systems and greywater systems for irrigation to ensure plants and trees have plenty of water. Greywater is water coming from baths, sinks and washing machines, which is opposed to white water: clean and drinkable, and blackwater: containing human wastes.

The use of greywater for irrigation is only legal in a few states, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, and California. Besides offering landscape designs, WilsonEnv offers Home Food Forests. They are described as “complete, organic ecosystem of trees, plants, pollinators, decomposers, soil and water.”

Wilson has also been on several committees for the city of Santa Barbara including the Public-at-Large representative on the advisory committee to the Creek Restoration and Water Quality Improvement Program, the Lower Mission Creek Technical Design Committee and the Integrated Pest Management Committee.


Bringing Nature and People Together

Wilson Environmental Contracting, Inc. (WEC) is a locally owned, fully licensed, and insured landscape design, build, and maintenance company.  Please visit for more information about innovative sustainable landscapes, or call 805-957-4729.

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