Fueling Water Features With Rain

Fueling Water Features With Rain

By Daniel Wilson on Jul 06, 2012 at 08:28 PM in Rainwater, Residential Landscaping

Water conservation is an ever-growing concern that has brought water features under fire by some as a decadent misuse of an increasingly precious resource “merely” for aesthetics. However, Daniel Wilson, owner/operator of Wilson Environmental Contracting, Inc. (WEC), a growing Santa Barbara, Calif. based landscape design and installation company, may have a solution to render these arguments at least partially moot.

This may seem like a relatively straightforward water feature. However, connecting it to seven rainwater storage tanks, an irrigation system and LED lighting while working around eight other trades doing a full home remodel on a slope full of rusty car parts complicated the picture substantially. Daniel Wilson and crew at WilsonEnv, however, were up to the challenge.


Fueling Water Features With Rain A sample underground rainwater capture system.

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